Your Personalized Edge AI Assistant

——--Decentralized AGI at Your Fingertips

Experience CerboAI's revolutionary approach to AI. CerboAI delivers personalized Edge AI models directly to your devices, ensuring data sovereignty and local inference. Securely contribute your data, earn tokens, and access your on-device AI copilot that intelligently integrates with your apps, offering Web3 capabilities and AI-generated content.

Cerbo AI
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Cerbo AI

Edge AI Model

CerboAI's Edge AI runs locally on your device, offering personalized intelligence without compromising privacy.

Cerbo AI

Data Sovereignty

With CerboAI, your data stays on your device, ensuring complete control and security in AI interactions.

Cerbo AI

Federated Learning

Contribute to a decentralized AGI network while maintaining data control with CerboAI's innovative federated learning system.

Cerbo AI

Personal AI Copilot

Fairy, your CerboAI assistant, seamlessly integrates with your apps for a tailored, intelligent experience.

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